How do I install .GET?
To load the script:
  • Extract dotGET.mrc, dotGET-db.mrc, dotGET-setup.mrc, dotGET-rsearch.mrc, dotGET-mysearch.mrc, dotGET-queue.mrc, and dotGET-misc1.mrc to a folder named dotGET in your mIRC system folder. If you do not know where this is, type: //echo $mircdir in mIRC.
  • If you use the EXE from this webpage it should now be extracted to c:\mirc\dotGET\. (replace mirc with your $mircdir)
  • After the file is placed there type: /load -rs dotGET\dotGET.mrc. If you get a warning SAY YES!

You will then be brought to the configuration screen.  Share some files, then click OK.  Please note that if you share a lot of files, it will take mIRC awhile to add them to the database.  On a fast processor, you can expect a wait of about 1 second per 500 files.  On a slow processor this may go down to 1 second per 50 files.  In either case, after you press OK mIRC may freeze.  If it does, do not panic.  As many installers say, please wait a moment while installing.

After sharing files you will see the main setup screen.

Go through the tabs and change any settings you see fit (especially your connection speed).

To perform a search, right click in the channel, go to .GET, and then Search. Select the type of media you are looking for, enter in a key word, and press the search button. Within moments, if someone has the files you are looking for you will see them listed in the new window that will pop up.  To download the file just highlight it and click download (or double click it). Easy as that


I have .GET installed, but there’s a newer version out.  How do I upgrade?
Right click in the channel | .GET | Unload .GET. After removing your old version, replace the file with a new copy of dotGET.mrc, dotGET2.mrc, and dotGET3.mrc.  To load the new version, follow the instructions above, namely /load -rs dotGET\dotget.mrc.

Is there an official .GET IRC Support Channel?
Yes. #dotGET