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Is there an official .GET IRC Support Channel?
Yes. #dotGET

Problems searching
Please check the next FAQ. If you are a home user having troubles you are probally using a router (linksys/dlink/netgear)

I am using a router to share internet access at home and I get no results when searching.
If you are behind a router (ie you are sharing a cable modem at home) you need to do a little extra work to get .GET to work for you. .GET needs the ability to listen on a port for incoming search results.

Defaulty .GET uses ports 1024-5000 (picks a random one). You can either set all of those ports to forward to your comp in your routers setup program or pick any one port, set it to forward it to your computer, then tell .GET to use that port. To config .GET right click in the channel in an empty space, choose .GET, go to Main Setup, Firewall/Misc Options, and set the use specific port option.

Linksys Port Forwarding Help
Netgear Port Forwarding Help

I am behind a firewall at my school/home/work/etc and can not get search results.
If possible follow the above instructions (on routers). If not try setting .GET to use common ports such as 113 (identd) or 23 (telnet). If this does not work then as of right now there is no real solution.

I get no results. I am not using a router and am not firewalled at all.
Try a broader search or use a different search type.

Searches work, but download attempts return DCC Send from dotgetuser rejected (, file type ignored) in the status window
To turn off mIRC's ignore press alt-o, goto DCC, goto folders, change dcc ignore to disabled, and uncheck the box that says turn ignore back on.